Hon. William F. Dressel (retired)

Honorable William F. Dressel, Retired


NPAMC Board Secretary Judge William Dressel is the current President of The National Judicial College. He received his license to practice law in the state of Colorado in 1966, where he continued in private practice and specialized in trial practice until 1978. In July 1978, he was appointed as a judge to the 8th Judicial District in Colorado and was retained through 2000 in four general elections. In November 2000, he became president of The National Judicial College in
Reno, NV.

Judge Dressel is the principal author of the Trial Management Standards adopted by the American Bar Association House of Delegates in 1992 and has taught for the University of Denver Law School. He was the 1998 recipient of the Justice Management Institute’s Ernest C. Friesen Award of Excellence that was presented in recognition of his vision, leadership, and sustained commitment to the achievement of excellence in the administration of justice.

Judge Dressel received a B.A. from Cornell College, Mt Vernon, Iowa, and his J.D. from the University of Denver Law School.