Purpose and Goals

Our Purpose

NPAMC’s purpose is to identify ways to promote public safety, reduce recidivism, and facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders who misuse alcohol by:

  • Supporting and conducting non-partisan research, education, and informational activities to increase awareness of the problem
  • Identifying innovative solutions and best practices
  • Providing information and tools to criminal justice professionals including − but not limited to − judges, attorneys, and probation officers


NPAMC and our participants are working to revolutionize criminal justice, reduce recidivism, save lives, and cut costs by driving systemic change in the way the criminal justice system manages alcohol-involved offenders. The diversity of our participants uniquely positions us achieve these goals.

NPAMC will drive system improvements by:

  • Creating standards for screening, assessing, treating, sanctioning, and monitoring offenders with alcohol misuse issues
  • Facilitating collaboration and innovation by opening lines of communication between government, nonprofit, and for-profit entities by providing a forum where they can share their visions, ideas, and solutions
  • Identifying and publicizing areas of agreement between stakeholders and developing consensus statements
  • Educating justice professionals about the nature and extent of alcohol misuse among offenders
  • Disseminating cutting-edge research, information, and solutions to practitioners through its member associations
  • Encouraging private companies to develop products to improve the assessment, monitoring, and treatment of offenders with alcohol misuse issues
  • Introducing and publishing informational literature informing the stakeholders of innovative technology and research developments
  • Developing and promoting innovative programs, evidence-based solutions, and best practices