Prevention / Treatment Groups

Al-Anon is a support group that helps family and friends of alcoholics

AA is a support and treatment group for alcoholics

Bacchus and Gamma are peer education groups for college students

Cannabis Help is a United Kingdom support group for marijuana users; it is part of the HIT network

CAF, a division of Phoenix House (listed below), is designed to help children and adults from addicted families

CA is a support group for cocaine users

DDA promotes the use of designated drivers

DARE is a law enforcement based prevention organization that educates young people about drug use and abuse

Hazelden is a non-profit organization that runs education, treatment and recovery programs

HIT is a United Kingdom group dedicated to drug intervention and education programs

MAP provides drug and alcohol treatment to music industry members

NA is a support and treatment group for drug addicts

Association of professionals who work in drug court programs

NASADAD is a scientific and education group for state alcohol and/or drug program directors

CASA is a Columbia University multi-disciplinary center designed to study and combat substance abuse

The National Association of Drug Court Professionals' institute

Phoenix House is is the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted to the treatment and prevention of substance abuse

Smart Recovery is a not-for-profit organization that supports individuals who want to abstain from any type of addictive activities

Toughlove is a not-for-profit support group for parents and their children

Women for Sobriety is a support group designed to help women overcome alcoholism and other addictions