Key Media Contact
David Wallace

Media Releases

December 7, 2009
Criminal Justice and Highway Safety Coalition Applauds NHTSA Nomination

November 10, 2009
National Criminal Justice Coalition to Meet, Evaluate Best Applications
for Alcohol Monitoring Technologies

Partnership Working to Assess, Implement Improved Programs
for Tackling Alcohol Misuse and Crime

June 2, 2009
National Partnership to Meet, Evaluate Addiction Treatment as Component of
New Justice Programs:

Coalition Working to Improve Public Safety, Reduce Costs for Overburdened Justice Agencies

February 3, 2009
New National Partnership Tackles Issue of Alcohol Misuse and Crime:
Federal agencies, corporations, nonprofits working to mitigate epidemic,
help budget-stricken criminal justice agencies

January 23, 2009
Federal Agencies, Corporations, Nonprofits in D.C. to Tackle Link Between
Alcohol Misuse and Crime:

New National Partnership to Help Courts Better Manage Alcohol Offenders,
Improve Public Safety