State Alcohol and Crime Briefs

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September 2015 State Briefs

On June 2nd, Governor Hickenlooper became the 46th state to pass felony DUI legislation. The law, which went into effect on August 5, makes the fourth DUI charge a six-year felony. One important component of the law is the requirement that judges make a finding that treatment appears unlikely to work or would present an “unacceptable risk in public safety.”

In 2014, Wyoming passed the 24/7 Sobriety Program Act to create a 24/7 sobriety-monitoring program, however it required the Attorney General to develop the guidelines for enforcement. The Attorney General recently completed them allowing for implementation. Each county sheriff will decide if he or she wishes to work with the 24 /7 program in that particular county.

HLS 15RS-785 gives judges the authority to extend probation to eight years for defendants sentenced to DWI Court when necessary. The maximum length was four years. DWI Courts address the root cause of addition for specific DWI offenders. The law went into effect on August 1, 2015.

H.B. 150 was passed and signed by the Governor on March 31, 2015. For felony DUI charges, it requires a court to impose an order requiring the person to obtain a screening and assessment for alcohol and substance abuse and treatment as appropriate. It also requires a court to order the installation of the ignition interlock system, at the person's expense, for all motor vehicles registered to that person and all motor vehicles operated by that person if a person is convicted of a driving under the influence violation within 10 years of a prior conviction.