Arkansas Alcohol and Crime Brief

September 2011

  • The Governor signed “Act 750”: to “reduce recidivism, hold offenders accountable, and contain correction costs.” The new law changes the penalties for drug offenses. More importantly, it requires correctional officials to conduct validated risk-needs assessments, tailor each offenders’ supervision and treatment to his or her individual needs, and authorizes correctional officials to sanction probationers administratively (they may incarcerate offenders for up to and including seven days). See 16-93-306. “Act 750”: is projected to save the state $875 in prison construction and operating expenses through 2020,a portion of which is being invested the community corrections programs.

December 2010

  • The Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded Southern Arkansas Substance Abuse (SASA) a $750,000 Byrne Grant to establish a pilot program for offenders that employs best practices from several models including: DUI/Drug Courts, South Dakota’s 24/7 Sobriety Program, Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE), and Delaware’s Decide Your Time Program.

September 2009

Arkansas passed a law requiring interlocks for first offenders.

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