Colorado Alcohol and Crime Briefs

September 2015

On June 2nd, Governor Hickenlooper became the 46th state to pass felony DUI legislation. The law, which went into effect on August 5, makes the fourth DUI charge a six-year felony. One important component of the law is the requirement that judges make a finding that treatment appears unlikely to work or would present an “unacceptable risk in public safety.”

June 2013

  • Proposed HB1214 creates a felony level category for repeat DUI offenders and includes a continuous alcohol monitoring provision for those offenders who are convicted of DUI.

September 2011

  • The Governor signed a bill (HB 1064) that creates pilot program establishing a presumption of parole for offenders convicted of certain drug crimes who are program compliant while in prison.

April 2010

  • The state legislature is currently evaluating House Bill 10-1347, a new DUI bill that aims to refocus resources on treatment for DUI offenders as well as rewrite the criminal code to reflect medical marijuana laws.

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