Georgia Alcohol and Crime Briefs

June 2013

  • Governor Nathan Deal signed HB242, which is designed to reform the juvenile justice system. The new law streamlines the juvenile code, provides resources to community-based programs, and focuses residential facilities on the most dangerous offenders.

December 2012

  • The legislature passed HB 1176 unanimously. The Act will reduce jail and prison overcrowding by funding alternative sanctioning options and strengthening probation.

September 2009

  • A conglomeration of state agencies including the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia, the Council of State Court Judges of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, released “Enduring Regret,” a documentary that included a segment examining the success of Georgia’s DUI courts and featuring Judge Kent Lawrence. The documentary was honored at the 35th Annual Emmy Awards, winning awards for Best Documentary for a television presentation with dramatic impact and Best Director from the Southeast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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