Minnesota Alcohol and Crime Briefs

August 2010

The Governor signed a law that increases the license revocation periods for repeat DUI offenders, makes the interlock program permanent, and expands the number of people eligible to participate in the interlock program. The law allows third or subsequent offenders to obtain unrestricted licenses if they complete rehabilitation and maintain abstinence for a period of time as demonstrated by the use of an interlock device or other chemical monitoring device.

April 2010

A new bill, HF 2464., would establish a pilot project allowing people who qualify for the interlock program to choose to be monitored by a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM), a portable breath testing device (PBT), or other monitoring device approved by the Department of Public Safety. Known as “Joey’s Law,” the legislation is named after Joey Jordan, a high school student killed by a drunken driver in 2005.

December 2009

The International Association of Chiefs of Police gave the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) a Community Policy Award for its fine work in the Downtown Courtwatch Program. Cisco Systems co-sponsored the award. The Courtwatch Program partners MPD with stakeholders including prosecutors, probation officers, homeless outreach workers, mental health workers, community activists, residents, and businesses for the purpose of evaluating justice system progress and identifying strategies for improvement. For further information, please contact Assistant Minneapolis City Attorney Lois Conroy.

September 2009

The legislature passed a law expanding the use of ignition interlocks for first offenders.

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