New York Alcohol and Crime Briefs

June 2013

SB1941 was reintroduced after an attempt last year to pass the legislation. This bill allows a judge that finds “good cause” to sentence a person to wear a transdermal alcohol monitoring device for a period of not less than six months in lieu of ignition interlock.

December 2012

  • New York officials have issued regulations to prevent persistent drunken drivers from getting their licenses back. Under the new rules, the Department of Motor Vehicles will review the lifetime records of drivers seeking reinstatement after a revocation and deny any that have five or more alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions.

August 2010

  • On August 15th a new New York statewide law, known as Leandras Law, went into effect requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted misdemeanor and felony DWI offenders, including first-time offenders.

April 2010

  • Senator Fuschillo filed a bill. in the Senate that would establish a 24/7 Sobriety Pilot Program, based on the South Dakota model, in ten New York counties. A similar bill previously passed the Senate, but died in the House during the last session.

September 2009

  • The Buffalo Veteran’s Court, under the direction of Judge Robert Russell and Buffalo Courts Project Director Hank Pirowski, is serving as a model for similar programs cropping up around the country. The program provides treatment opportunities for non-violent veteran’s and serves an alternative to incarceration. The program utilizes volunteers from the local veterans community and is self-sustaining. The court holds offenders accountable for relapse through alcohol (SCRAM) and drug (urine) testing and appropriate sanctioning for violations.

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